Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: One Pink Line - Dina Silver


Can the love of a lifetime be forever changed by one pink line? Dina Silver's tender, absorbing novel, One Pink Line, is the warmhearted, wry story of love, loss and family, as seen through the prism of one singular, spirited young couple who find themselves in a predicament that changes the course of their lives, and those closest to them. With heart, humor and compassion, this debut work of women's fiction is certain to stir anyone who relishes a good laugh, can stand a good cry, and, above all believes in the redemptive power of love. 

This unique, contemporary story gives readers a dual perspective. Sydney Shephard, a sweet-tempered, strong-natured college senior is young, in love with an exceptional man, and unexpectedly pregnant. Faced with a child she never planned for, she is forced to relay this news to her neurotic mother, relinquish her youth, and risk losing the love of her life. Then there's Grace, a daughter, who believed she was a product of this great love, grows to realize her existence is not what she assumed, and is left with profound and puzzling questions about who she really is.
Spanning generations and every imaginable emotion, One Pink Line reveals how two points of view can be dramatically at odds, and perhaps ultimately reconciled. Simultaneously deeply felt and lighthearted, One Pink Line deftly mines how the choices we make are able to alter so many lives, and how doing the right thing and living honestly can bring unexpected, hard-won happiness. It's a must-read for anyone who craves a great love story, absorbing characters, and plenty of laughs along the way.

Hootie Says:

One Pink Line was One Fantastic Book! This was such a sweet story about love, forgiveness and life. I was pleasantly surprised after starting it to find it shifted POV’s between Sydney and Grace. I got really excited because I love to see the story from a different point of view. Sydney was the average young girl who fell in love with her handsome high school boyfriend Ethan (SWOON). A friend’s pool party is all you need to find true love. (Hmm wish I would have known that shit 15 years ago instead of falling for a hillbilly who dumped me and married a chick with freaky baby teeth!!!) Back to the story, Sydney and Ethan head to college and start to grow apart but try to keep their relationship going. I love how Ethan didn’t become a prick once he got to college. Sydney starts to grow distant wanting to live her life a little even though she is still in a relationship with Ethan. Needless to say she does something BATSHIT CRAZY and has to deal with the repercussions.

Grace is just a young girl trying to make sense of her life even though she realizes she is different from her family. I felt connected to Grace’s character because I have been in her position of trying to figure out where you come from. As her story progresses we start to get glimpses of what is really going on between Grace, Ethan and Sydney which really blew my mind! I stayed up all night because I was captivated by this story. There was a moment in the book where I was shocked because the person who did this thing was supposed to be cool. (Cryptic huh? Lol) The ending wasn’t what I was expecting and made me all happy and squishy inside! I wanted to hug my computer when I was done with this wonderful book! Dina Silver delivers a beautiful story that gets into the heart of the reader. One spoiler I will give away without even being ashamed of is that the mention of Double Stuff Oreos was enough to make my fat ass love this book! The rest was just icing…. mmmmm icing *drools* Go Chiggity Check out it!

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