Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review: Let Me Be the One - Bella Andre


In LET ME BE THE ONE, the brand-new book in Bella Andre’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling series about the Sullivan family, an unexpected friends-to-lovers romance might not only turn out to be so much hotter than anything bad boy pro baseball player Ryan Sullivan has ever known...but much, much sweeter, too.

When Vicki Bennett saved Ryan Sullivan’s life as a teenager, it was the beginning of a close friendship that never wavered despite her failed marriage to someone else and Ryan’s well-earned reputation as a ladies man. So when she suddenly needs a pretend boyfriend to protect herself and her career from a powerful man’s advances, he is the only person she can imagine asking.

Ryan will do anything to protect Vicki from harm, but when their “fake” kisses and caresses lead to an incredibly sensual night that neither of them can resist, will he have made the biggest mistake of all by irreparably jeopardizing their friendship? Or is it possible that what they’ve both been looking for has been right there the whole time…and the perfect combination of wicked and sweet, friendship and love, is finally within reach?

Hootie Says:

When I first started this series with book one The Look of love, I wasn't expecting to fall so completely in love with it. It's very hard for me to get into a series if I don't connect to the story somehow, but magically Bella Andre has written a cast of characters that you can't help but love. Let Me Be The One is no exception, with Ryan and Vicki's love story. They were best friends in high school (who doesn't love that) who remained close throughout the years of separation. With every book in this series I say "Oh this one is my favorite" and I think this one is! Although when Smith's book comes out (Book 7) I think it will change my mind YET AGAIN! I really enjoyed reading this book and thought it was a wonderful addition to an already stellar series! Vicki thinks she is just an ordinary chick who has loved Ryan from afar but little does she know he has felt the same way.  They slowly realize their feelings and start to build from there.

Now let me take a few moments to bask in the love scenes! 

I love the way Bella writes out her love scenes! They are so romantic and erotic all at once. Ryan and Vicki have chemistry in this story and you can feel it every time they get their "groove On" *blush* I almost felt guilty while finishing this book and reading the saucy parts because I am visiting my mother on vacation and she kept interrupting while I was into the good parts lol! (DAMN WOMAN!)  I had to fake using the bathroom so I could finish reading the book in peace jeez. 

Ryan deserves a post all on his own!!!! I felt like a dog in heat at the things he said to Vicki! LAWD HEP MEH! 

If a man said those kinds of things to me, I would have to stick my junk in his face!
 (just sayin')

I love how Bella didn't drag out the coupling of these two characters too much, I kept freaking out thinking I would have to wait and suffer to see them together but thankfully Bella knows what she is doing! I really enjoyed this story and I can't wait to finally see what is in store for the famous movie star Smith Sullivan! 

   (Smith's book will probably make me faint)

Please take my advice and check this amazing series because it is most definetly worth it!

You can check out Bella's website HERE

Or go to her Amazon page HERE

Book 1: THE LOOK OF LOVE (Chase Sullivan)

Book 2: FROM THIS MOMENT ON (Marcus Sullivan)

Book 3: CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE (Gabe Sullivan)

Book 4: I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU (Sophie Sullivan)

Book 5: IF YOU WERE MINE (Zach Sullivan)

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