Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Second Chance - Bernadette Marie


Sometimes love is right where you left it.

Carlos Keller was finally moving on. He'd asked Kathy to marry him and now he could forever put behind him the disappointment of his failed first marriage to the only woman who ever held his heart, Madeline.

Madeline can only assume karma is out to destroy her life. Her second marriage has ended. Her doctor has told her she has breast cancer, and now the only man she's ever really loved is getting married.

Even though divorced, Carlos and Madeline remained close friends. But with one moving on, and one facing the possible end, will it be too much to remain friends? Or will fate step in and offer them a second chance?
Hootie Says:
*GROAN* Where to start! First of all let me just say this series has become one of my top priorities! I fell in love with the Keller family during The Executives Decision and A Second Chance isn't any different! This story gets even better than the first! Carlos is the worlds biggest sweetheart! If you don't fall in love with him in this book, well then you just go stand in the corner until I say you can come out! (LOL) He desperetely loves Madeline and wants her back as his wife but finally realizes he needs to move on. *awww* (I know I know, I totally feel you!) Anyway he meets Kathy and they get all stupid and in love (pbbfffftt) Kathy tries to understand Carlos' connection to his previous family but eventually starts to come undone! (I could have told her you don't get all up invovled with a man who clearly still loves his ex! DURRRR!) Madeline goes through a difficult time with her cancer, and her kids really step up to help! You will totally fall for the kids too! Filled with intense dramZ, lots of love and several (*OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING???* moments) A Second Chance will keep you hooked on this wonderful story until the very last word!!!

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