Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ok! This is my first blog post so please be gentle. (That's what she said!)

I would like to start by reviewing a book I just i finished last night!
It is called The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window!

Amber and her brother Jake live with their mother and their abusive father. Jake is very protective of his baby sister who takes the majority of the abuse. When Amber is 8 years old her next door neighbor Liam and her brothers best friend happens to see her in her room crying one night after her and Jake are berated by their father, he climbs into her room through her window to comfort her. Fast forward 8 years and Amber and Liam are still sharing a bed that started out as comfort for her but quickly became a constant for him as well. Amber only sees Liam as her brothers man-whore best friend but Liam has been completely enamored by Amber from day one. Slowly she comes to see him for more than just what she sees on the outside. He helps her face her past with her dad and several issues that arise from that situation. That is all I will say for fear of spoiling too much!

Hootie's Review:

First of all I have to attempt to sit on the Cray monster within because I have a tendency to be all WHOOOHOO OMG OMG OMG OMG! This book was GREAT! GRAND! WONDERFUL! BEAUTIFUL! and last but not least FAN-freakingTASTIC! I have never big into reading until I saw my BFF discussing books with other people and I got jealous! (yeah I admitted it, sue me?) Anyway, I absolutely HEARTED this book! I get nervous when a book discusses uncomfortable topics like (Abuse, sexual assault etc..) but this book walked the line not giving too many details as to what Amber actually went through. I connected with Amber's character and really felt like climbing into the book and telling Liam to back off "i got this" lol. You just want to hug her throughout the entire book! Liam!! Merciful Jesus, LIAM! What a great lead male Character! He never once let's you down in this book. This was a really fun, emotional, dramatic read! I am not really graceful with words as you can tell by the crap I just babbled about but you read it so what does that say about you? HA HA HA jk! (sort of) I really recommend this book for everyone to read if you are into happy endings!!! (Which I am)

OK! That wraps up my first book review, that wasn't so hard was it? (Also what she said!)


  1. Girl you are the bombdiggity sitting on the corner of awesome. That was a great first review. Everyone's gonna be so jealous of me for getting you to join my blog. Now it's OURS and you rock!

  2. I loved it!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see many more reviews from you!!

  3. We've had a book pimp reversal! You told me to read this, so I bought it. Love ya


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