Friday, June 22, 2012

Dante's Girl Courtney Cole

Reece Ellis is a small town Kansas girl on her way to spend the summer with her father in London. During her flight she meets a handsome stranger named Dante Giliberti. (Little does she know he is the son of the Prime Minister of Caberra) Before the plane can take off a freak Volcanic eruption shuts down the entire airport and Reece is forced to go back to Caberra with Dante. Once there she finds out just how complicated his daily life really is once she meets his supposed girlfriend Elena and soon discovers Love won't be as easy as she first thought. NOW GO READ!

Hootie Says:
From the first time I saw the name of this book I started singing the song Jesse's girl lol! *and she's watching him with those eyes, and she's loving him with that body I just know it. And he's holding her in his arms late, late at know I wish that I had JESSE'S GIRL!* Anyway this book was awesome! I loved how Dante was such a sweet charming diplomat when needed but quickly became a fun loving guy once away from his father and the pressure of his role in Caberran society. NOW! On to the character I most hated (Yes there is one in every book) Elena! That b**ch made me want to scalp her and use her hair as a rug! She was all up on Dante acting a damn fool trying to desperetly get Dante for herself! (TRAMP!) *ahem* Sorry but I hate chicks like that lol! I found myself laughing at the funny things Reece says to herself (i.e sweet baby monkey's, and Surely...) This book has a little of everything mama likey! Little suspense, little drama, a little romance throw that into a blender and you got yourself a Dante smoothie! (ok that sounds gross but hopefully you understand what I'm saying....right?) This is definitely a cute fun read with a sweet ending I think you will enjoy!!

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