Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review of Catalyst by Shelly Crane

"True love should not have to lie, cheat or steal. The best kind of love finds you when you need it most. This is what my books are about...."-Shelly Crane

If the above statement doesn't tempt your heart then you really need a heavy dose of Shelly's stories. Of all the books I've read, some of my favorite couples were created by the Author Shelly Crane. In the Collide series that couple is Sherry and Merrick, oh sweet Merrick.(I just love his name).

Catalyst is the third book in this series. It starts after Sherry has been captured by the evil Lighters and taken to a holding camp to be tortured for information. Now the hodgepodge group of people who have become her family, in more ways than her own parents, have set out to rescue her. I loved the return of all of  the old characters and the addtion of a few new ones. Sherry can't seem to stay out of trouble for long. But love does last and new loves grow. I again loved hating the Keeper named Piper (she's a rotten bitty).

I thought the end of this book would be the end of this series. And I'm happy to say that I was wrong. At the same time I'm just as frustrated that I have to wait for the conclusion of this story. I think that means Shelly is doing something very right.

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